our best-selling oil

Thunderbolt Olives is a small, local, independent olive grove and one of the key oil suppliers to N&S. We have a long-standing relationship with Thunderbolt, and their Chefs Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil is our best-selling oil.

Chefs Blend EVOO is a stunning mix of three Italian cultivars – Frantoio and  Leccino, with a hint of  Coratina. The result is a naturally filtered, Italian-style EVOO with a sweet, green grassy aroma, with spicy pungency and rounded bitterness.

murray river gourmet salt
uniquely australian

No additiives. No preservatives. No bleaching or colouring. High mineral content. Packed with flavour.

Award-winning Murray River Gourmet Salt is hands down the best salt on the market. Naturally hued and delicately flavoured, these unique, mineralised crystals pack a worthy punch.

Our relationship with the Murray River crew has been a long-standing one. From humble beginnings, this award-winning pink gem is now a firm favourite in the kitchens of Aussie chefs and foodies, and has garnered international respect in both Europe and Asia.

Sustainably sourced, these pure ancient salt flakes start their journey as naturally mineralised, concentrated brine from an inland sea in regional NSW. Clean and pure, the brine is evaporated, crystallised and harvested before being washed, dried and packaged. The end result is a pristine, naturally pink salt flake with a high mineral content and supreme flavour that is uniquely Australian.

With full traceability and no tampering, this is one product that should be included on your menus, every day.