Beef up your next N&S order

Lachlan Chadwick’s made a name for himself, choosing the best Aussie Angus and putting it straight into Australian Beef Group (ABG). He’s got the pick of the bunch from his father’s feedlot in Coonamble, established in partnership with our very own Derek’s father-in-law. While Lachie’s busy rearing exceptional, grain-fed cattle, we’ve got our eyes on supplying the top of his lot, from sensational sirloin to melt-in-your-mouth hanger steaks.

ABG operates out of a beautiful farm seven hours west of Sydney’s CBD. It’s got a unique climate, low in humidity and rainfall, with protein-dense soil to produce a more nutritious grain, “One mouthful out where we are is the equivalent to ten by the coast,” says Lachlan. With sustainable access to water and a great holding pen, ABG are industry leaders in growing healthy cattle. It comes down to a careful procurement system, Lachlan explains. Cattle are chosen based on their individual traits, primed for conditioning, “We don’t try and do it all ourselves. ABG recognise the best cattle producers and we go straight to them.”

Lachlan’s committed to producing and selling locally, educating customers on a variety of cuts at an approachable price. For those looking for a cut that’s a little easier on the produce budget, Lachlan suggests “Substitute the quality of your cut, not the quality of your animal.” Try a rump cap instead of a sirloin, or, take a page out of Don Peppino’s well-versed book and use hanger steak instead of ribeye. Notoriously a chewy cut, ABG’s hanger is amazing, tender and big on beef flavour. At Don’s, they serve it chargrilled with leeks and umami-rich anchovy. It doesn’t take much to make an exceptional hanger sing.

We’ve been getting ABG’s beef in slowly – already it’s had an incredible response. Just ask Bistro Rex’s Jo Ward. She’s got the highest standards for beef this side of town and is blown away by the quality of ABG’s meat. They may be traditionally secondary cuts, but they’re her top pick.

Beef up your next N&S order with ABG’s highest quality meat. Give us a call to find out more.

Soy and ginger roast beef blade with mushroom rice
(find the recipe on the ABG website here: