A favourite with South Australian chefs and renowned as one of South Australia’s earliest free range operations, Greenslade Chickens is run by the Greenslade family in Riverton, north of Adelaide.

The Greenslade family grow wheat, barley and peas on their property which they then mix with essential vitamins and minerals to provide the best feed possible for their chickens.

This nutrient-dense, grain fed diet has been developed over twenty years and, in conjunction with exposure to natural sunlight, the Greenslade chickens produce a slightly coarser skin than conventional chickens, enabling it to hold together better during processing and cooking.

The birds are housed in naturally ventilated, barn-style sheds and are able to roam outside daily in a yard that is abundant with trees and natural grasses. There is no artificial heating or cooling – only fresh air to ensure as natural an environment as possible.

Hand plucked and cleaned, these incredible tasting chickens are free from antibiotics and artificial growth promotants – and we have them in stock now!


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